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  • Enterprise Administrator for West Florida Resource Domain for BellSouth Cellular Corp.

Enterprise Admin.


Exchange Admin.



  • Exchange Administrator for West Florida Domain of BellSouth Cellular Corp.
  • Administered six local and fourteen remote Compaq dual processor WindowsNT Servers.
  • Monitored and maintained WindowsNT Compaq portables and workstations connected over 384k frame relay inbound links and ATM OC3 outbound connection to corporate office.
  • Responsible for logging, tracking and solving all local/remote user issues in SQL database, including logins, email, local and network based applications, Internet and Intranet, RAS, storage and printing/faxing services on the LAN/WAN.
  • Conducted computer training for all areas of the mobile telecom business; including Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and Engineering.
  • Supported performance, switch, and RF engineers locally with different interfaces to Ericsson Mobile Switch Office. 
  • Supported and maintained Teknicron ACD and associated applications as well as Nortel SL1 with Voice Mail

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